If you have insurance

Typically if you have insurance you will need to be referred by your GP who will send us a referral letter. It is often a good idea to contact your insurance company before hand to ensure that you are covered and that you have "authorisation" to see us. If you are with Southern Cross you simply need to give us your membership number and as an affiliate provider we will do the rest for you.

Please don't ring for appointment we will contact you as soon as we have received your referral letter and the cardiologists have determined what tests might be appropriate.

If you are not covered by insurance

We regularly see people who wish to pay for their own consultation investigations and treatment. Although not essential the referral is best coming from your GP as it provides us will all your details. When we receive your referral we will call you.

It as also common for people to want the reassurance of a test such as a 24h ECG or echocardiogram that cannot be funded through the public service.

Please feel free to email us and we will endeavour to put together a package to suit your needs and pocket.

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Our mission: To give our community the very best heart care, with compassion, respect, understanding and expertise

About Us

Our mission: To give our community the very best heart care, with compassion, respect, understanding and expertise


If you have a phone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone (most do) then we can provide consultations by video conference. No software or apps are needed, it's as simple as clicking a button.

Alternatively we can simply talk over the phone. We have all been on a journey of discovery in the last few weeks. Patients and doctors have found that it's actually much better and easier than they had expected. In fact many patients find it so convenient that they are choosing this as their preferred method of contact regardless of isolation rules moving forward. 

Why see a Cardiologist

• Unexplained chest pain 

• Ongoing follow up of known heart disease 

• Family history of premature cardiac disease 

• Family history of premature cardiac death 

• Palpitations and arrhythmias 

• Murmur or known valvular heart disease 

• High blood pressure 

• Raised cholesterol 

• Heart failure, shortness or breath or ankle swelling 

• Screening for heart disease 

• Immigration matters 

• Medical insurance work up 

• Aviation/heavy goods vehicle licencing 

• Medical clearance for work specialist occupations

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